Well, the short answer is that you kinda need a Spotify account in order to get the full Mountown FM listening experience.

Now, before you go "f that… I'm not signing up for a Spotify account", please keep in mind that Spotify does offer FREE accounts. So if all you're after is some playlists to jam around to at home or at work (aka whilst connected to wifi), the inserted commercials that come with the free Spotify account is not much different than getting commercials on your traditional AM/FM dials. And it is worth noting that Spotify gives you access to almost every album ever released, so your options for never-ending music discovery are much bigger with a Spotify account than with any commercial radio programming. Also, there’s these nice human-curated Mountown FM playlists that you’ll be able to tune in to.

If you're into that sort of thing…


Now, if you really want to make the most of your listening options, for $10 a month you can get a Premium Spotify account and get rid of all those commercials + unlock the ability to save playlists for offline listening (aka: you can listen anywhere, even if you're in the middle of nowhere - which is somewhere one often finds themselves in a mountown). They also offer pretty nice Family Plans.

If you don’t use Spotify, you can use a site like SOUNDSGOOD.CO to import any Spotify playlist into a few different listening options (like Youtube, Apple, etc). Here is an example SoundsGood playlist for the MOUNTOWN LIFE playlist.

Just keep in mind that Soundsgood can only attempt to automagically find the equivalent songs on all the different platforms, using some mysterious computer black magic, so it doesn't always work perfectly. But it works pretty good.

And if you want to explore some more DIY radio alternatives—like a radio programmed by digital mix tapes or a replacement for MTV—head over to 95EH's internet-cousin HIGH FIVE FOR and have a poke around there.

Have any suggestions for songs that you think capture that "mountain town life"? shout at 95eh on the socials or just tag your musical suggestions with a #mountownradio or #mountownlife hashtag (or shoot an email to 'hey@95eh.ca') and I will include the best suggests in the next playlist update.